Planning and Design at San Francisco State University

The Planning and Design office is part of the Capital Planning Design and Construction department within University Enterprises. With the creation of this new department, SF State is positioned to deliver new housing, academic buildings, infrastructure, and landscapes that elevate the physical environment to enrich and support learning.

Planning and Design directs physical planning in support of San Francisco State University's strategic goals of courage, life of the mind, equity, community, and resilience. The group leads a broad range of planning efforts, including capital planning and space analysis, land use and master planning, infrastructure planning, environmental planning and entitlements, and mobility and transportation planning. Planning and Design sets development standards for all campus buildings and landscapes. The group directs urban design, landscape design, and building programming and design efforts on behalf of the campus.

The Office of Sustainability is an integral part of the department, demonstrating SF State's leadership and commitment to a sustainable future. This integration ensures that all development projects realize campus and national goals in waste reduction, energy and water efficiency, and greenhouse gas emission reduction.

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